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Artificial Intelligence
    To match best people
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Our 3C's

Collaborate. Create.

Each Team grows on these 3 Principles. We help to build your VISION with your team

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Techfastic Process:

Devise A Recruitment Plan

  • Keep relevant internal teams and employees apprised of the new position

  • Criteria for initial candidate screening

  • What the interview process will look like

  • Who will conduct interviews


Write a job description

  • Prioritized list of job requirements

  • Special qualifications

  • Desired characteristics

  • Requisite experience

  • Salary and benefits

AI Backed Software to Advertise in Industry suitable Media

  • Techfastic reachout to 10,000+ network, Market intelligence.

  • Job pla like LinkedIn, job fairs, industry publications and events, local newspaper advertisements, and word-of-mouth recruitment


AI Initial Screening with Human Touch

  • AI to rank the resumes & then second round of inspection by SMEs

  • Determine if applicants possess the requisite qualifications to fill the position

  • Align with organization’s culture list of candidates while expending company resources efficiently


Interviews Scheduling

  • Scheduling several interview with hiring committee
    Informing candidate about the purpose of each interview

  • Ramping up company's vision as progress through interviews

  • Tracking the status of different candidates

Background Check

  • Review candidates’ criminal record, verify employment history and eligibility, and run credit checks.

  • Check social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to make sure potential employees are likely to represent the company in a professional manner.



  • Integrate them that lays the groundwork for a long-term productive relationship between them and your company.

  • Bring them close to company's ethics.

  • Assigning your new employee a mentor.

  • Set them up for long term growth and success

Hide and Seek

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

We handle the Recruitment end-to-end process , so you focus on your core activities

What Our Clients Say

I certainly appreciate Techfastic efforts for hiring world class leaders for my organization and I cannot thank enough for being so generous and supporting. I found the recruitment experience with Techfastic very professional !!

Deena Levies, Director

Techfastic has been the ultimate recruitment professional throughout the entire process.  I have found this organization to be extremely helpful, honest and diligent in all of our dealings and was made to feel that I was receiving a bespoke recruitment service

Archana Mehta, Senior Manager

Techfastic did the initial screening of the candidates and helped in the end to end on-boarding process. I would recommend Techfastic to all. I had a wonderful experience and the staff is extremely professional !

Ashutosh K 

Managing Director

Get Ready to Boost Your Hiring Process With Our Recruitment Solutions

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