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For each curated need, Techfastic offers process designed for specialized Hiring.

Sound Leaders decide company's vision.The challenge is to match leader's aspirations with the direction of organization. We,at Techfastic, bring in expertise, network & market research in finding best matched leaders

When talented is NOT limited to boundaries, why hire locally. Techfastic offers services to hire, connect & grow far beyond your local market. Bring in Diversity!

Contract staffing/Freelancing is one of the recruitment methods where organizations hire skilled employees employees are required to work for a certain number of hours or until the project’s completion

Employee love or loathe their Managers. It is never neutral. Senior & Mid-level team decide the attrition of the company. We are extra cautious in finding Managers that can lead team with company's sentiment.

Techfastic provides end-to-end services. From Budgeting, requirements, Onboarding & Background checks, Techfastic brings you the perfect candidate & easy process. The complete solution!!

Everyone loves Startups. Their vibrant growth, their changing landscape, the sheer zeal. We bring-in candidates, after discussing your core values. For startups, early candidates decide the fate of companies.

Alex Cross, Director 

I have worked with Techfastic for over two years to create a multi-disciplined, experienced and highly qualified Technical and Business consulting team. Techfastic has a great aptitude for understanding the needs of our organization. It stands out from all the other recruitment agencies I have ever engaged with,  Paid close attention to all the needs of our organization and ensured only quality candidates were put forward. 

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